Dangerous Android apps: If you are an android user and using an android phone then you need to be very careful as the news of virus outbreak in many apps from google play store has surfaced again. Doctor Web filed a report. According to this June 2022 review report of the Doctor Web mobile application, Trojan horse viruses have been found in most Android mobile applications.

According to the information, Malware Analysts has detected dozens of virus-containing apps on the Google Play Store, including Adware Trojan Malware. Along with this, analysts have also come across fake apps used by scammers, apps targeting confidential data, and other data theft apps. Applications in which Trojan horse malware has been found include image editing software, virtual keyboard, system tools and utilities, calling applications, wallpaper collections, etc.

Trojans found in these Android apps

According to the report, the Trojan horse malware has been confirmed in the applications named below.

  1. Beauty Filters
  2. Corrections and cutouts
  3. Art filters
  4. Design Creator
  5. photo editor
  6. background eraser
  7. Photo and Exif editor
  8. Filter effects
  9. photo filters and effects
  10. Blurry image
  11. To cut
  12. Dough
  13. Emoji Keyboard
  14. neon theme keyboard
  15. FastCleaner
  16. live screen
  17. Reminders

Millions of Trojans Downloaded

There was a 20% decrease in Android spyware activity in June compared to May. Along with this, there is also a decrease in the activities of the fast-spreading adware Trojan, but according to the report, adware Trojans are also included among the dozens of applications discovered by software analysts malware on Google Play. The surprising thing here is that more than 9.89 million (98.9 lakh) people downloaded these 30 adware trojans.

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