As computer forensics is a new and growing field within our society today, it is essential for many companies to have employers who are well equipped with skills and knowledge as the cyber-crime rate increases rapidly every day. Having said this, a career is this field is definitely one that is at high demand.

To hold the reputation of an expert in this department, it is an absolute must to have the skills to efficiently retrieve data and preserve systems in speed. In order to gain a computer forensics certification, it would be advisable to enroll yourself into an accredited course. Many universities offer both online and offline bachelor and Master’s degree in the various branches of this field. Having this course available online allows you to earn your certification on a part time basis so that you would have options when picking a solid career.

For those who do not have a degree or any other professional qualification in this particular subject, there are various computer forensics trainings which are available in numerous teaching schools; exams and certifications are used to evaluate the familiarity of the individual on the subject. This is mostly done by people who want to gain more insight in this field or differ from their current career path.

Currently, there are two widely recognized certifications. These are:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)

In order to obtain such high certifications, it is a must to abide by three most important rules:

  1. To gain at least 5 years of direct security work experience.
  2. To pass the CISSP examination with a score of more than 700
  3. To be able to efficiently answer 4 questions based on criminal history and family background.

In conclusion, a degree in this field would be essential to every growing company and would be a great source of income as this is a constant developing career.