News of future tech advances boosts spending, study says

Along with Wednesday’s interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, the big economic news of the moment is the 0.9% decline in second-quarter gross domestic product, which followed a 1.6% pullback the quarter before.

GDP fluctuations can be attributed to a wide variety of factors, such as supply chain issues, war, inflation and more. Now, new research is offering another

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Cloud computing: Oracle and Microsoft make your database loo…


For big businesses, Microsoft has become the cloud-computing provider of choice. Many of these companies, however, still use Oracle databases to run core parts of their business. 

The two tech giants have already seized on that overlap, creating an interconnect that offers direct network connectivity between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. They’re taking the partnership one step further now, building

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Booz Allen touts active agenda for future acquisitions

Booz Allen Hamilton is building up its pipeline of potential opportunities for acquisitions even as the company gears up to defend one in the courts.

During Booz Allen’s fiscal first-quarter earnings call with investors Friday, CEO Horacio Rozanski said the firm continues to believe “the right acquisitions are both good for Booz Allen certainly, but also good for our clients,

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Veterans gain cybersecurity skills through FIU program

A Florida International University initiative is training hundreds of veterans in cybersecurity skills to boost their careers.

The Veterans and First Responders Training Initiative, supported by a grant from the National Security Agency, is a year-long cybersecurity curriculum taught by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC)and the Global Forensic and Justice

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What Is Adware? | Trend Micro News

Adware is software that displays advertisements on your computer. You might think, “well, that doesn’t sound too dangerous.” However, these advertisements are often malicious, in addition to being annoying! They are malicious because most of the time, adware serves one primary purpose: to act as a conduit for other, more harmful, malware to infect your computer.

Think your computer might

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FIU helps local high school teachers build cybersecurity les…

FIU experts are training local high school teachers to develop cybersecurity lesson plans for their students.

The Cybernet Miami Academy is an FIU-led virtual, interactive program about digital forensics, which is the process of interpreting and uncovering electronic data. 

In the first phase of the academy this summer, high school teachers met with FIU electrical and computer engineering faculty and

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