Getac’s X600 rugged mobile workstation sets a new benchmark …

News in brief:

  • Getac announces new 15.6″ inch fully rugged mobile workstation, designed to deliver comprehensive mobile command computing, control and planning workflows across a diverse range of operational environments

  • The new X600 provides a major leap in computing power, with the options of the 11th gen Intel® Core™ H-series processor (up to i9) and 128GB of memory, alongside NVIDIA®

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Public health notice: LDH assists LDEQ in its evaluation of …

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is assisting the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) in its assessment and evaluation of a chemical leak that occurred at Imperial Cleaners, a now-closed dry cleaning site in downtown Minden, located in Webster Parish.


The leak involves the chemical tetrachloroethene (PCE) and its degradation products, including trichloroethene (TCE). There is evidence these substances

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The Future of EX Technology

With more workplaces than ever before experimenting with hybrid or fully-remote workplaces, the live EX platform has great potential.

The employee experience (EX) used to be centered around the in-person workplace experience for most workers. But with the surge of virtual and hybrid workplaces, companies can no longer rely on engagement tactics that only work in a traditional setting. Employers

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Cloud computing and virtualisation | TheCable


In this article, I will be focusing on cloud computing and virtualisation. It is important to first give an overview of these two technologies:

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that has become quite popular over a short period of time as a result of several advantages it offers to businesses and end-users generally.

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Wise Registry Cleaner review | TechRadar

The Windows Registry is a database full of instructions that software applications installed on your PC rely on to carry out their functions. If a registry becomes populated with invalid entries, it could negatively affect your apps’ speed and performance. Hence, it’s essential to have a registry cleaning tool (opens in new tab) installed on your device. Wise Registry Cleaner

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Longevity technology and its future

“I am youth. I am joy. I am freedom!”

Peter Pan’s retort to Hook in the classic ‘Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’ asserts youth as an essential identity marker.

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