Back in the early 80’s the first IBM computers were so big that it took up an entire room. 3 Decades later, you can have a computer 1000 times as powerful fit into your pocket. The demand for faster computers seems to replaced by the demand for smaller computers but the real challenge is at what point is small too small?

When netbook computers first hit the market, critics doomed it to failure but these 7 inch gems soon took over and today its crafted itself a spot in the marketplace despite massive competition. While they started out as 6 or 7 inch laptops with a small hard drive and energy efficient processors, they soon upgraded to bigger screens. It seems like the 7 inch screen is just not good enough – even for surfing the net and checking email. This leads me to my argument that at some point small becomes too small.

The idea of having a tiny and lightweight computer that can do “everything” your desktop PC can do is indeed a noble idea and a valid dream but it kind of defeats itself. Because software and especially web applications develop with the general advances in computer speed, mobile devices will always be slow compared to its bigger counterparts.

Surely there is room for very sic mobile devices that allows checking and sending email but for the most part surfing the web on these devices are pretty useless. Its too slow, too small and most web applications just don’t work on them yet. Netbooks is one way of bridging the gap but if you are going to buy a 10 inc laptop why get a netbook?