This article aims to help everyone in preventing their computers from being infected with a virus or spyware as well as understand the dangers of not protecting your system from such thing which could lead to data lost and the like. Listed here are some simple tips and advices that you can follow to prevent any virus infection to your computer.

Situation: You just got a new Laptop that has awesome power and you were really lucky for getting it at a very cheap price. Once your new laptop or PC arrived you instantly updated all the programs necessary for your system. After deleting your previous security software you decided to take a break by going outside or got busy with something. But someone decided to check out your new machine and tried it with out notifying you. That someone decided that it might be OK to use your laptop to search online for something, maybe porn, watch movies, search something or even download files from the internet. That is where your troubles will usually begin. Without clicking on anything else that someone might have already infected your brand new machine with a Trojan, spyware or viruses. Catching Trojans, spyware or any kind of viruses online can be really this simple. Sometimes it only take about 30 seconds online for your computer or laptop to get infected especially if you do not have any kind of protection for your computer. You can easily buy security programs from any computer parts retailer shops.

Basic security tips

1. Prevention is better than cure. Preventing this from happening to you is way much better than suffering from data loss or more once your computer or laptop get infected. Today, it is advisable to get a security program that has both anti-spyware protection and anti-virus protection.
2. It is also a nice idea to check your security program if it has a good root kit scanner.
3. Another important thing you should remember is to check if the security program that you bought provides active protection. Although there are many free security software out there are only a few who offer this kind of feature so do not forget to do your homework. You can also try to ask someone from the store where you bough the software if there is no available information on the package or on the website of the product.
4. Create a limited computer account for your kids that way your kids wont be able to install any kind of software program to your computer. Kids downloading free programs and falling for basic scams is the usual cause for computer virus infections.
5. Educate. Educate everyone who uses your computer about safe computing habits so they will also know what are the things they need to do and should not do. A simple scan of USB drive can save your computer from being infected.

To sum it up you need to take caution whenever you go online or want to transfer files from a device to your computer. Preventive measures and good security client is your best defense from any kind of computer Trojan or viruses. Always remember to always practice safe web surfing and computing especially if you want to prolong the life of your computer.