Future is now for milling technology

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, US — A grain professional’s device pings early on a Wednesday: A VP has a VIP in need of 30,000 cwts of bread flour, ASAP.  

Since the mill had cake flour grind scheduled today, the worker mentally tallies the steps to make the switch.

He pours a coffee, commutes to the cozy cockpit of his home office,

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Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the …

Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the Future in Dubai

Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the Future in Dubai  - Image 1 of 12
Courtesy of Killa Design

Standing at 78 meters tall, the Museum of the Future (MOTF) is far from reaching Dubai’s famous skyline, which features skyscrapers like the unparalleled Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest tower. However, with its bold shape

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Building a technology future like no other | Columns

With construction slated for two new technology-focused buildings, Berea College is embarking on a technology future like no other, a future that is inclusive of everyone while attempting to solve humanity’s most pressing technological issues.

The combination of technology, the liberal arts, and practical hands-on experience for our underserved student population will have implications for Appalachia and beyond as our

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The future of urban housing is energy efficient refrigerator…

Katerra’s all-encompassing vision of reforming the construction world, using billions of dollars in investment to build an entirely new production system from the ground up, showcased stereotypical Silicon Valley arrogance. It also has had a fraction of the impact of European models that seek to retrofit using a simple, straightforward, and standard set of parts. 

The company shared a common

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Reporting on the Future, Now

In labs across the world, scientists are developing the power of quantum mechanics, a field of physics that behaves unlike anything we experience in our everyday lives. In 2019, Google announced that its quantum computer had achieved “quantum supremacy,” which could allow new kinds of computers to perform calculations at what were once unimaginable speeds. Other companies and research labs

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New technology for manipulating light — ScienceDaily

Quantum computers are one of the key future technologies of the 21st century. Researchers at Paderborn University, working under Professor Thomas Zentgraf and in cooperation with colleagues from the Australian National University and Singapore University of Technology and Design, have developed a new technology for manipulating light that can be used as a basis for future optical quantum computers. … Read More