Business e-mail compromise scammers jailed for fraud

The Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial Crimes Court has handed hefty sentences to two men, after they were convicted of theft, fraud and money-laundering, emanating from business e-mail compromise scams.

Samson Olatunji Abdul and Adedayo Quadri were convicted for scamming millions after they allegedly used spyware and viruses to monitor e-mails between law firms and their clients, mostly property traders, that

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Protect Your Computer Against the Most Dangerous Threats

Computers are the core driving force in advancing technology and evidence-based knowledge. Their functions are to accept, process, analyses, and store data pertaining to different subjects. Computer threat is a term used to describe any potentially harmful action or event, facilitated by a vulnerability, that results in an undesired impact on the system or an application. Computer Threats can either

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How Do You Whitelist Files in Windows Defender?

Microsoft’s Windows Defender can flag certain trusted files as threats and prevent you from using them. Here’s how you can avoid it.

Windows is big on security, and thanks to Microsoft Defender—previously known as Windows Defender—users have access to a free, built-in anti-malware program on Windows devices. By default, Microsoft Defender automatically enables real-time protection. The antivirus software detects, blocks,

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Nigerian nightclub owner and accomplice sentenced to 15 year…

A popular Nigerian nightclub owner-convicted scammer, Abdul Samson Olatunji, and his accomplice, Adedayo Quandri, have been jailed in South Africa for defrauding property traders. 


The Nigerian nationals were sentenced by the Johannesburg specialised commercial crimes court on Friday, July 8, 2022, the same day Olatunji was charged with another fraud case.


Olatunji and Adedayo Quandri were sentenced to eight and

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The Top 4 Ways That Malware Spreads

If there’s one thing that poses a threat to all technology users, it’s malware. This harmful software can be incredibly dangerous and damaging and now comes in various forms. But how has malware become so widespread? What key tactics and tools do cybercriminals use to infect devices?

1. Malicious Downloads

Today, there are endless kinds of software that you can

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