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Adware is software that displays advertisements on your computer. You might think, “well, that doesn’t sound too dangerous.” However, these advertisements are often malicious, in addition to being annoying! They are malicious because most of the time, adware serves one primary purpose: to act as a conduit for other, more harmful, malware to infect your computer.

Think your computer might

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What is a Polymorphic Virus? Detection and Best Practices

What is a Polymorphic Virus?

A polymorphic virus, sometimes referred to as a metamorphic virus, is a type of malware that is programmed to repeatedly mutate its appearance or signature files through new decryption routines. This makes many traditional cybersecurity tools, such as antivirus or antimalware solutions, which rely on signature based detection, fail to recognize and block

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Bolster security through genuine distributors

The growing challenge of defending against cyberattacks demands strategic planning and investments from IT decision-makers.

CRN‘s latest research on this topic, conducted in partnership with Microsoft, reveals the positive impact that choosing authorised distributors for genuine software purchases, can have on security.

Around 70 per cent of survey respondents say they would only purchase software from an authorised distributor.

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ALERT: TECH SUPPORT SCAMS – CapeStyle Magazine Online

Last month, LCSO was notified of a “Geek Squad” scam that had been reported to our Economics Crime Unit.

Along similar lines, it appears that “Tech Support” scams have become commonplace and have been reported to our agency.  This fraudulent activity involves criminals falsely representing legitimate companies in an attempt to share personal information, make payment for bogus antivirus software

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Best Business Antivirus Protection in 2022

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Antivirus software is essential for any business with a digital presence. As hackers get more sophisticated, protecting your endpoints with the best available solution in the market is a must and a worthwhile investment.

Without this protection, your digital assets can be compromised.

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