Stop Using Registry Cleaners and Disk Cleaners – They Don’t …

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If you’re using a “registry cleaner” or “disk cleaner” application (CCleaner, Wise Cleaner and Auslogics are three popular examples), you should stop now. You’re wasting your money (up to $30 a year in subscription fees) and putting yourself at

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Systweak RegClean Pro review | TechRadar

Systweak is an Indian technology company that makes various software tools for PCs and mobile devices. It specializes in system optimization, maintenance, and security software. RegClean Pro (opens in new tab) is one of its best-known products. 

The Windows Registry is a database that stores low-level settings for every PC running Windows OS. Redundant entries in this database could slow

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Public health notice: LDH assists LDEQ in its evaluation of …

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is assisting the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) in its assessment and evaluation of a chemical leak that occurred at Imperial Cleaners, a now-closed dry cleaning site in downtown Minden, located in Webster Parish.


The leak involves the chemical tetrachloroethene (PCE) and its degradation products, including trichloroethene (TCE). There is evidence these substances

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Wise Registry Cleaner review | TechRadar

The Windows Registry is a database full of instructions that software applications installed on your PC rely on to carry out their functions. If a registry becomes populated with invalid entries, it could negatively affect your apps’ speed and performance. Hence, it’s essential to have a registry cleaning tool (opens in new tab) installed on your device. Wise Registry Cleaner

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How to speed up your computer

Windows computers can be complicated and challenging for the average user to keep running smoothly at all times, but it’s not impossible. Multiple variables at play can ruin your user experience and system performance, making it sometimes tricky to pinpoint precisely what’s happening. For example, junk files cluttering your internal storage can build up over time and slow things down.

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PC Recycling in Line With the WEEE Directive

PC Recycling in Line With the WEEE Directive : The WEEE directive is a law that governs all matters related to the management and disposal of electronic and electrical waste products throughout the EU. All member countries including the EU are expected to adhere to this law without fail. The law aims at limiting the environmental impact of all IT

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How to Fix Outlook Errors With Registry Cleaner

How to Fix Outlook Errors With Registry Cleaner : Microsoft Outlook is a unique email client program that comes with MS Office package. Just like every other Office program, Outlook also encounters problems as you keep using it. In most cases, you’ll encounter mailbox problems, knotted server problems, conflict issues and corrupted registry problems. You may also experience failure when

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