Career in Web Designing

Career in Web Designing with more and more businesses moving online in a bid to get more customers, on any given day, you are sure to come across at least 10 new websites as you browse through whatever it is that you went looking for. Have you ever wondered about the design of all these websites? Who decides the layout? Who gives the website its look and feel? In other words, who takes care of the UI or User Interface of any given website or app? A web designer, of course.

A web designer builds or designs each and every visual element of a website. They are responsible for making sure websites are not just helpful and user-friendly but also aesthetically beautiful.

To help you decide if being a website designer is a good fit for your interests, let’s first discuss the skills and education require. Then, we’ll go over a list of a website designer’s typical daily responsibilities.

 Web Designing: Courses to Study

While a degree may not be require by all companies, it is good to have some formal education or training so that you can be abreast with the latest in the field. Both degree-level and diploma-level web design courses are available. Web Designing certifications are also offere by certain colleges and institutes. You can choose to go for an overall degree or a specialisation, based on your unique need. Here are some of the common options:

 Web esigning: Skills to Master

While creativity and visual style are essential skills, website design goes a little beyond mere digital design. With the interplay of UI and UX, there is much that a website designer must be aware of. Here is a list of both technical & soft skills that a web designer should have.

  • HTML

A website’s content and elements are display in a browser according to instructions provide by the HyperText Markup Language or HTML. Titles, headings, and paragraphs are important components of search engine optimization, and their appearance is determined by HTML tags. Hence, it is important for a web designer to have a good hold on HTML.