Authoritative Content Improve Google Ranking

Authoritative content is certainly not a new term for those of you who are involved in the world of content marketing, especially optimizing websites for search engines (Search Engine Optimization). As we know, search engines or search engines like Google are always evolving so that users can find information quickly according to what they want. So, in order for your website to appear in search results (search engine result pages), you need to create authoritative content. Not without reason. This type of content is very useful for increasing website visibility in search engines and social media. So that the opportunity for the website to be seen in front of the target audience will be even more wide open.

What is Authoritative Content?

Quoting from the Search Engine Journal, authoritative content is content that provides reliable and clear information to its audience or readers. Readers, of course, want to get information or answers to what they are looking for on Google. With authoritative content, they will get in-depth and detailed discussion regarding a topic. So, this content will give the impression that the website is trusted and an expert on a particular topic. For example, content about marketing strategies on a website that focuses on discussing topics around marketing. With a detailed and detailed discussion, readers will increasingly believe that the website is credible in discussing topics around the world of marketing. The more authoritative content on a website, the easier it will be for that site to get ranked on Google.

Types of Authoritative Content

Authoritative content itself consists of several types and is proven to attract readers’ attention to engage or interact. These types of content are also able to drive an increase in website traffic and click rate. Here are some types of authoritative content that you need to know about:

Blog articles: Is content that educates someone about a topic

Tutorial: Is a type of content that provides instructions and steps to do something

Video content: Usually is content that makes learning easier for someone to know a product and its use through video

Evergreen content : Namely content that will not be out of date and focuses on certain areas

Buyer guide : Is content that assists in the purchasing decision making process when the audience is going to buygoods (consumer decision making)

How to Create Authoritative Content

After knowing the definition and types, how do you create authoritative content? You need to know that EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trust) is a factor in Google’s algorithm that affects content ranking in search results. So, you need to create content that meets these factors in order to become authoritative content.

Here’s how to create authoritative content that you need to learn:

1. Focus on Specific Fields and Demonstrate Expertise

The first is to focus on specific areas and demonstrate expertise. This means that you must demonstrate a deep understanding of a particular topic. For that, you need to do a fact check and find references for the content. Apart from that, you also have to ensure that the content doesn’t have typos, use alt tags, and meta descriptions. If you are a content writer who writes content, then position yourself as an expert who writes a topic. Study the topic in depth and convey information accurately.

2. Creating Original Content

Next is creating original content. This means that when you create content, make sure the content is authentic and doesn’t plagiarize from other people. Thus, your content will appear credible and trustworthy. For this reason, when creating content, make sure you understand what topics are being discussed, use language that is easy to understand, check, and include sources as references.

3. Check for the Latest Trends

Creating evergreen content or evergreen content is indeed important for building a credible website. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about the latest trends or breaking news. Content that follows trends can become a magnet to keep readers interested. Trending content will usually bring in traffic in a short time, even if it doesn’t last long. You need to make observations of what is trending or viral among your audience. Also, make sure that you always update your content to keep it relevant.

4. Use Images to Make It More Clear and Interesting

The next step is to use pictures to clarify points while at the same time making the reader more interested. You can add graphics or tables to help readers understand the point you are trying to make. In addition, the content will also look more convincing to readers. Apart from images such as illustrations, you can also add videos to make the content even more interesting. Especially considering that currently video content is a very popular marketing trend to attract audience attention. Video can allow you to connect with your audience in a more personal way than written content. It also allows you to visually demonstrate your ideas while demonstrating confidence in the topic you are presenting.

5. Add Analysis

Another way to create authoritative content is to do a detailed analysis of the topic you cover. If you have a strong curiosity about something, analyzing it is usually the first step you take before trying to implement it. Research and analysis are steps you can take before implementing a new project, so you can get more out of it by writing about what you learn and sharing it with others.

6. Write a Topic from Another Point of View

Next is to write a topic from another point of view. Thus, the audience can be more interested. You can try to see the big picture of a topic and discuss it in a way no one else has. This will make your content unique (unique value) and set you apart from other competitors. This is a review of authoritative content and its types and ways of making it. On the other hand, you can also use digital marketing agency services to help grow your business. Several strategies that can be implemented are growth hack marketing, inbound marketing, 360 Digital Marketing, and Data-driven marketing so that the company can grow rapidly.