The Evolution of Digital Forensics

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Det. Chad Gish has been working cases with digital evidence since before the boom of modern digital forensic investigations. When he first joined his agency’s cybercrime and digital forensics (CID) unit, building a case with the tools at the time was challenging, even though the devices under investigation were much simpler.

Gish, a digital forensics veteran

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How and when to perform a Windows Registry cleanup

Since the release of Windows 3.1, the Windows registry has served as a centralized database for system hardware details, user account information, application settings and more. However, decades of its evolution have brought confusion about the need for registry maintenance.

As a desktop administrator or Windows user, you should learn how the Windows registry works and review the best

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Digital Forensics Market Size, Scope and Forecast

New Jersey, United States – This Digital Forensics Market research examines the state and future prospects of the Digital Forensics market from the perspectives of competitors, regions, products, and end Applications/industries. The Worldwide Digital Forensics market is segmented by product and Application/end industries in this analysis, which also analyses the different players in the global and key regions.

The analysis

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5G Technologies Could Revolutionize Cloud Computing Capabili… News Commentary

NEW YORK, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Demand for a 5G network continues to grow around the world. The technology is expected to revolutionize several innovative technological sectors. For example, just recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that it will seek to boost the satellite-enabled 5G media market. The ESA signed an agreement to work

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‘Hermit’ spyware more dangerous than Pegasus – Researchers a…

Everyone has heard about spyware named Pegasus. It is used by various government and non-government organisations to keep surveillance of their citizens. Now, a group of researchers in a mobile service company named Lookout has made a startling revelation. According to a report released by Lookout threat labs, spyware named Hermit, which is supposedly more powerful than Pegasus, is

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Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the …

Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the Future in Dubai

Overcoming Design Challenges with Technology: Museum of the Future in Dubai  - Image 1 of 12
Courtesy of Killa Design

Standing at 78 meters tall, the Museum of the Future (MOTF) is far from reaching Dubai’s famous skyline, which features skyscrapers like the unparalleled Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest tower. However, with its bold shape

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Global Environmental Forensics Expert Witness Service Market…

Environmental Forensics Expert Witness Service Market study by “” provides details about the market dynamics affecting the market, Market scope, Market segmentation and overlays shadow upon the leading market players highlighting the favorable competitive landscape by top major O’Donnell Consulting Engineers, Gallagher Bassett Technical Services, McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc., MarTech Systems, Inc., EAG Laboratories, SoilWorks Earth Sciences Group, Water Resources

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